Field Day!

The 2nd Grade Field Day is scheduled for Thursday from 12:30 to 2:30.  Parents are welcome to attend and will need to park in the Intermediate parking lot.  You may check your child out from the field.  We are asking that they not go back into the building if they are being checked out due to dismissal.  There is no need for your child to bring their backpack unless they have an important note.

Remember that they will need to wear old clothes and sunscreen!  They do not need to bring a change of clothes as there will not be much time for them to change.

Go Green Technology Projects

Our class has been learning about ways that they can “go green.”  They each chose a topic that they wanted to teach others about, and then worked in groups to create a technology project teaching about that topic.  They did a great job!


Our Book Tasting last week

Last week we had a “Book Tasting” in our classroom.  Each student created and shared a book review of their favorite book.  We also watched book trailers for new books that we have in our classroom.  This was a great opportunity to foster a love of reading.  Each student completed a “menu” of books that their friends shared that sounded interesting to them.