Week of 11/9/15-11/13/15

Reminder:  We have an early release Wednesday the 11th at 11:30.

Spelling Words for the Week:

New:  long, words, little, after, many, very

Review:  people, down, first, there, about, with

This week we are focusing on identifying the main idea of a story or paragraph in our reading.  We are continuing our practice of creating both fiction and nonfiction stories and taking them through the writing process.  In math we are learning about place value and beginning to work double digit addition and subtraction problems.  In social studies this week we are learning about the Pilgrims and the Native Americans.  We are learning about the Pilgrims’ struggle to get to a new land and survive, and the help they were given from the Native Americans.  We are also learning about the Veterans Day Holiday and why we celebrate it.